Thursday, November 19, 2015

Debbie the pet lady calls into the Stern Show after two years

Debbie the pet lady calls into Howard's show and  ask Howard if he missed her and Howard  did say he missed her will we hear more or was this a final call!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Debbies very last call on the Stern Show with Dr Drew

Was this the call that got  Debbie  removed off the show ?  Or was it the threats she made on after the show?? Or did Debbie remove herself off the show ? Will we ever get the real reason's why Debbie is no longer with the show ?? Well enjoy her last call  and the website here .

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A rare picture of debbie the pet lady that Howard took with her

This is the picture Debbie got to take with Howard on one of her appearances on the stern show. Funny Howard seem scared of Debbie then to, not wanting to get to close to her . We guess this is why Debbie felt Howard and the show didn't like her since Howard was so scared to get near her for a simple picture .Do you think Howard was scared of Debbie or really just scared of her parrot ??

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Old clip of debbie doing a pizza challenge on Battlecam ~ "the site Richy and Sal found her"

Debbie was found on battle cam by Riachard and Sal from the Howard Stern Show .Debbie did a year of casting on that site and did a few fun on cam challenges here is a clip of a pizza challenge she did and won money .You can watch the clip here .

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Debbie the pet lady is a loud funny New Yorker .She was also a guest on the Howard Stern show back in march 2 2011 .Since then she been on as a regular caller bringing in some extra laughs with her loud wacky ways .Debbie has also done 4 years of  live broadcasting on the net. You can also catch her fun videos on YouTube here .She is a single mom and a fun loving pet person with many pets.As being a pet lover she also is a kind caring person and has a great sense of humor bring much fun to the net .Here you can enjoy some of her fun moments when she was on the Howard Stern Show ,and get up dates with her recent cancer scare .Debbie was removed from the Howard Stern show on April 30 2013 due to threats she left on the shows answering machines ,you can read more about that in the older post section on this blog .

Friday, May 31, 2013

No more debbie the pet lady and the embed special gets shut down!

So we say goodbye to Debbie the pet lady and respect the stern shows decisions for her removal from the show .,We are sad that since  she was block off the show the embed special will not be aired .Which is sad because if you go here you will see the show was suppose to be release this month we wonder if Jon is happy he had Debbie removed from the show.. ,Do you think Jon could have handle Debbie in a better matter then the way he did ..Yes Debbie was in the wrong for posting his show number but was he in  the right to report her.Either way its to late the show decided to block her off we feel they were a little harsh on her and will miss her.So farewell to Debbie the pet lady enjoy the fun while she was on the show and thanks for stopping by to enjoy her memories here.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Debbie breaks down on The Jake Pentland Show about how the stern show treated her

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Is Gary the main reason Debbie is blocked off the show !!

Funny he acts like he like Debbie so much and even said on the show many times he understands Debbie's illness because his mom was very much like Debbie in many ways. So why was he so fast to show the voice mail clips that Debbie left knowing it could get her into issues with the show . Why didn't he just take 5 minutes of his time to call her and get answers from her to explain why she was so upset at reporter Jon..We will never know what Jon file grays head up with and its not right they take a one sided story not giving Debbie the fair chance to voice her case .